Frequently Asked Questions

In case you encounter any of these issues: 

  • The card reader can’t be paired to your smartphone or iPad anymore
  • Once paired, the card reader is not recognised in the app
  • The software update on the card reader fails
  • The battery on the card reader is not holding charge


Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try one or more of the following steps:

  1. Turn the card reader and your phone or tablet off and on again 
  1. Forget the card reader from the Bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet, then make sure to put your card reader in Bluetooth pairing mode and pair it to your device again 
  1. Delete the PayPal Here App from your phone or tablet and download it again from Apple’s App Store or Google Play 
  1. Perform a factory reset on the card reader:
    • Locate the small opening next to the power button on the Chip & PIN card reader
    • Insert a pin into this opening.
      • For the Black Contactless Chip & PIN card reader, hold it until you see a message on the screen and choose Option “3. Total factory reset” in the Revive Menu
      • For the White Chip & PIN card reader push the pin in the opening for 10 seconds until the green triangle starts flashing and the first asterisk LED lights up yellow
    • The card reader will take about a minute to restart
    • Once the Bluetooth light starts flashing, pair the card reader to your smartphone or iPad and open the PayPal Here app.
    • Complete any initialisation or updates if the PayPal Here App prompts you to. We recommend that you complete this step using a WiFi connection and with the card reader connected to a power source.


If the above steps have not worked, please contact our Customer Service by calling 0800 358 9448 or 020 8080 6500.